Friday, 4 October 2013

Dot and Ethel Presents 'The Little Match Girl' Christmas 2013 at the Wardrobe Theatre

We are thrilled to announce our first production under the Dot and Ethel name! 

The Little Match Girl is a simple yet moving tale. It is full of Hans Christian Anderson’s usual diversity of colour, depth and texture. As a story, it doesn’t patronise, instead it is incredibly uplifting and raw. It is a allows a seasonal feast for the senses; as it twists and turns in a way which felt rather perfect for our first Dot and Ethel Christmas show. As theatre makers it is a brilliantly playful as well as tender tale.
The show itself has a real sense of event around it, we love the liveness of theatre and the fact that the dynamic of our audience allows every show to be different and exciting. It is an open piece, not cutting our audience off but very much bringing them with us on our journey.
We have chosen to modernise the tale, whilst echoing the tones and images of the original. The Match Girl lives with her sisters in what is now a parentless home and is driven outside the attic to search for their Mum. The ignorance of the seasonal shoppers, all ready for their next bargain leaves her lost, alone and frightened until she has a brilliant idea of striking a match. Each match is like going into another world, which resonates with her life in the attic, a through the wardrobe experience or into the world of Oz! There are some really joyful experiences and her simple pleasures are wholesome and smile raising. As is the end of the show when the little girl delights in achieving her quest as a New Year begins.

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