Friday, 8 May 2015

Ellie's Town

This week while the company have been exploring the world of Ellie and the Gorillas, I  have been literally creating the town she lives in, through the back drop illustration. 

The purpose of the backdrop has moved from something to hide the props and off stage actors, to an interactive puppetry platform with pockets and surprises aplenty. 

The original illustration has been inspired by children's drawings of their own houses and home towns. I then replicated our spongey jigsaw piece floor tiles with squares of colour on the backdrop. These squares will reveal a big surprise as the Gorillas successfully garden their way through the town.

We are having the backdrop digitally printed to ensure a crisp image to enhance the story telling of the piece.

We have had a fantastic week at the Bristol Old Vic, utilising their wonderful light and airy rehearsal rooms. We are really excited to move next week to the Brewery rehearsal rooms at the Tobacco Factory, another fine theatrical establishment in Bristol.

Backdrop Design

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