Thursday, 16 April 2015

The Garden is Awakening...

It is such a sunny day here in the Forest of Dean. The garden is awakening, the warm breeze is alive with insects, flowers spring from the ground and I can hear the world full to the brim of bird song and the occasional hmmmm of a car.
Gorilla Gardening is fresh in my mind – it is also in waiting until we hit the rehearsal room early next month. We have prepared the ground, brought together a wonderful artistic team and have an exciting journey ahead.
I am hoping that inside the rehearsal room we can conjure some of the magic that nature gives us. A touch of the brilliant, the sensitive, the playful that we get from being outdoors.

But for now we are in waiting and gearing up to make a gardening explosion happen onstage. I will drink in the sunshine and imagine those Gorilla’s gardening for me!

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