Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Christmas run at The Everyman Theatre, Cheltenham

This week has been the most days we have performed in a row. It's been a challenging week keeping up our energy but I feel that with every show we find something new to play with. This week there have been a lot of school groups and we notice the difference in the audience immensely. The school audiences can be more challenging and yet sometimes more rewarding. 

The obvious challenge for us is adult to child ratio. The show needs to be very controlled as school audiences get very excited very quickly and can lose their focus in an instant. The children also follow and copy each other if one child shouts out the others feel that this is OK to do so, we have had a few times when they get carried away but between us we know now how to pull them right back in. 

We've also found the last match strike challenging, this is normally my favourite part of the show, however with school groups they are so excited from the first two match strikes with all the fun and games they tend to take a while to settle and we've found they shout when we light the sparkler for the last time 'drop it!.' Their enthusiasm for the show can go a little astray. Today we had two school groups in and they were so different, the first show the children were very rowdy, they had a great time but for us as performers it was hard work. 

The second school group were much younger and were timid and I feel that younger children really appreciate the more gentle aspects of the show whereas a six year old likes to punch balloons a lot more! It's great having lots of different audiences because it really tests you as a performer, it keeps you on your toes and everyday is a new challenge and a delight.


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