Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Performer Jade's blog on the week that was

Canada Water Culture Space, what a building!
Canada Southwark culture centre was a lovely gig. The space itself was very intimate and inviting. This was also our first opportunity to perform for a smaller audience as our 1pm show had a handful of children present which was a big contrast to the 40 children at 3pm.

The great thing about 'Match' is the show can shrink and grow with its audience which I really like. The 1pm show was so different compared to the 3pm. The match strikes were very gentle as we could individually play with a few children whereas in the later show the children interact with each other and the bubbles and balloons more than with us as performers. You do engage with some children but you don't have the opportunity to play with each audience member individually. So for us a small audience is not a bad thing at all it's just a different experience which I really enjoyed.

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