Friday, 31 October 2014

The Match Tour has begun!

The beautiful Sherman Theatre, Cardiff
Monday saw the start of the MATCH tour and what an absolute treat it was to start the MATCH tour at the Sherman Theatre in Cardiff. The theatre is an amazing space and the whole team were so welcoming.The Sherman have a brilliant programme called Sherman 5 which is a project co-ordinated by Guy O’Donnell designed to give people who have never attended a performance at a theatre chance to do so. So on Monday, we opened MATCH to an audience of over 150 people who had never been to theatre before. And what an incredible experience it was! Families all together sharing the experience and children whose responses were so open and honest - it was an absolute joy! 

But of course, these responses are always the unknown element of making children's theatre and it is something you can never really prepare for because as I’m sure we all know, what comes with the joy of their openness and honesty is the unexpected!
So Monday very quickly highlighted to us what really worked in the show and what the children responded to and what perhaps we needed to look at and rework which is a great thing as Heidi and Harriet have always been very clear that they make work for the audience.

And what also became very clear (and the sweaty costume will prove!) is that MATCH is a show that will never be the same on any performance and Jade and I will always be working our little match girl socks off to ensure that we can be as open and honest with our performances and the children are with their responses. 

Eloise, performer

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