Monday, 20 October 2014

Match Rehearsal Day 6 by Heidi Vaughan

Day 6 

the 'street'

Here we are a week into our remount. Rehearsals have inevitably stepped up and we continue to throw new ideas into the mix in order to challenge the specifics of the show.

As director, I feel a little like our character of Granny, an explorer,  preparing to start on a journey. Questioning what we should take with us and what we leave behind.

What is overwhelmingly clear is that Dot and Ethel has really developed over the last year and our recent conclusion of a years reflective practice with our Leverhulme Arts Scholarship at the egg, has flooded, hyper textually, across all our projects and made us really think about the specificity of our work.
How does Match now it sit amongst the sector?
What do we both artistically and as a company want to move forward with and what are we happy to loose?
What makes this piece a show for now?
So as we leap onward I am determined to keep the spirit of the explorer alive.

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