Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Match Rehearsal Day 2 by Eloise Secker

Day 2- Match Rehearsal

Although this is the second outing for MATCH, this is not a remount production by any means. What has been clear from day 1 from both Heidi and Harriet, is that we need to keep searching and discovering and playing games. Constantly asking questions to ensure we are making decisions for the right reasons and always coming back to who the piece is for.

Which is great for me coming in as a new addition to the piece as it really allows you to take ownership of the piece which is so important for the relationship between myself and Jade and for sustaining the quality and delicacy of the piece whilst on tour.

To help with this, we have been playing a lot of games to really hone in on our connection and relationship. And to really find and enjoy the playfulness and joy in each others company.
You really have to listen to each other and ensure you are absolutely there with one another. It’s constantly asking and finding what the game is and how do we find and stay true to our own identities within that partnership. (It’s like relationship counselling this work!)

Keeping the game going but being sure to let it go once it’s died because it’s too easy to just continue once you’ve found a comfortable game - and children never do that! They’re already onto the next adventure!

We had the ridiculously talented Seamus Carey in the rehearsal room today which was an absolute treat. Seamus composed the music for the original production and was back in today to help us explore the musicality within MATCH and what that musical language is.

This involved a lot of play with spoons, teapots, buttons, bodies, carpets, boxes, cups, jars, essentially anything we could lay our hands on! And from there, we started to play. What noises could we make with these objects? And how could they create a language and dialogue between Jade and I. The more work we do like this, the more it becomes apparent to me how little verbal communication . And it is so freeing! There were many moments today where Jade and I were in fits of giggles at each just from enjoying seeing the other person totally let go and in doing so, inviting the other person to do the same. Which is just brilliant!

Each discovery rewarded with a cup of tea, chocolate and our attempt to put the world to right - now that’s the Dot and Ethel way! On to tomorrow! 

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