Friday, 3 January 2014

The Little Match Girl, a look back

Photo Chris Collier
For those of you who didn’t manage to catch The Little Match Girl, and for those who did, but want to relive the experience here’s a look back at the show.
Animation by Mae Voogd, Photo Chris Collier
We had some lovely reviews (see below) and even though the run is over the show hasn’t been put to bed. We are working towards an Autumn tour with the assistance of the lovely Laura Dannequin. 
Hester Bond, Photo Chris Collier
Jade Berks, Photo Chris Collier
But whilst we’re in a moment of New Year reflection we’d like to take a moment to thank these vibrantly creative people who helped us make the show.
Hester Bond Performer 
Jade Berks Performer
Corina Bona Puppetry Director
Anna Croxon Movement Director
Mae Voogd Projection Director
Seamas Carey Musicial Director
Charlie Smalley Stage manager and so much more!!
In addition to the team we must also mention;
Jo Richardson, Bob Blunden, Gemma Brooks, Paul Rummer & Chris Scott at BOVTS, Chris Collier and all the wonderful staff at The White Bear & Wardrobe Theatre.
Over 400 people saw this show. Quite a feat considering the space could only hold 40 people and we had 11 shows! 
Photo Chris Collier
So onwards we go…
Lots of exciting things in the pipe line which is going to make 2014 a very special year in the lives of Dot & Ethel!

Photo Chris Collier
‘Simply and cleverly told, that even the youngest of the audience were left spellbound by the magic…I came away with a warm glow and slight tear in my eye.  Beautiful!!!’
Little Green Shed

‘This was a treat for young theatre goers and an example of the power of imagination and memory.’
Bristol Culture
‘The children remain completely engaged as the performers make occasional forays into the audience, proffering scrunched up paper, blowing bubbles or hanging fairy lights…it’s a magical spectacle. 
Ultimately, it’s a heart-breaking tale, as the little girl has to light matches to stay warm. But, at a time when sad endings seem to have been excised from most mainstream children’s fiction, it’s a pleasure to find a company staging a play which raises difficult issues.’
Primary Times
‘The sweetness, the vibrancy and the adventure of Dot and Ethel’s production will sweep you away.’

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